Services & Pricing

Our two main service options include:

icon-cat-2 icon-dog-sitting
Vacation Care  Dog Walking
In-home pet visits & complete house checking Recurring potty breaks & dog walks


Pet visits are given time blocks for completion. Clients can choose their window for when they would like their services performed.

 Morning  Mid-Morning  Mid-Day  Afternoon  Late Afternoon  Early Evening  Evening Late Evening
 7-9am 9-11am  11-2pm  2-4pm  3-5pm  5-7pm  7-9pm 9-10pm


Vacation Care

30 min – $18.00 (Regular Visit)

45 min – $20.00 (Extended Visit)

60 min – $26.00 (Hourly Care) 

20 min – $14.00 (Purrfect Care)

10 min – $12.00 (Easy Keeper Visit)

  • Feeding, refreshed water, treats if requested.
  • For dogs, we will walk, provide interactive playtime, and give lots of attention.
  • For cats, we will play, pet and love them, scoop litter box.
  • Administer medication, vitamins, and dietary supplements if necessary.
  • Quality time with pets including lots of love, hugs, and affection.
  • Perform small crime deterrent activities: rotating blinds, bringing in mail, turning porch lights on or off, taking trash to curb, etc.
  • Water your indoor house plants.
  • Provide other personalized services you or your pet may need while you are away.
  • HappyTails Note for each visit.

Dog Walking

Mid-Day Walk

25 min – $16.00 (one dog) – $20.00 (two dogs) – $25.00 (three dogs)

Great for all dogs and maintaining their regular and essential exercise needs. Service includes:

  • 20 minute walk around the neighborhood or to the nearest park
  • Lots of exercise and playtime
  • Fresh water and treats if requested
  • Love, hugs, and affection
  • HappyTails Note left for you to read on your arrival home

Potty Break

15 min – $13.00

Only offered Mid-Day (11am-2pm) and Late Evening (9pm-10pm)

Extremely beneficial for puppies and senior dogs who often need a short break through the day to give them relief and attention.  It’s also a great service when you are working late and don’t want your pet to go too many hours without a break and companionship.  Service includes:

  • Let dog out to potty
  • Fresh water & treats if requested
  • Love, hugs, and affection
  • HappyTails Note left for you to read on your arrival home
  • Medications are not given during this visit
  • If needing a walk and/or feeding, please schedule at least a 30 minute visit.

Free In-Home Consultation

HappyTails considers it a privilege to care for your pets while you are away. Once you have inquired about our services the next step is to schedule an initial consultation. This is a great time for you to meet your sitter face to face and see if you think this will be the right fit for your fur family. During the consultation, the sitter will gather more information about your pet’s needs as well as your expectations. Our sitters will be sure to get all of the information and direction needed to provide the quality care that HappyTails guarantees while you are away. While we do understand the importance of having the same sitter each time, there will be times that your primary sitter will not be available. If your primary sitter is not available for your next scheduled engagement, we will designate a secondary sitter and a Meet ‘N Greet will be coordinated. It’s very important to us that we keep your pet family informed and have no surprises.

Late Booking Fee

If you need a visit ASAP or within 24 hours, we will arrange the requested sit for you with the addition of a $10.00 late booking fee. This fee is in place to make up for the extra attention your last minute request requires. We will try our hardest to make this possible and your sitter will make adjustments to their schedule to make sure they can take care of your needs as well. 

Holiday Surcharge

A $10.00 holiday surcharge is applied to every visit on the following days. 100% of this surcharge is given to your sitter to “Thank them” for spending time away from their family and working on a holiday.

  • New Years Eve and Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Eve, Day and Black Friday
  • Christmas Eve, Day, and Day after Christmas

Key Pick Up & Drop Off

We request you provide your key(s) at the time of the FREE consultation. And if you use our Ready-Key Service Agreement, we will always be ready to provide service to your pet family using those keys. However, in the case where you would like to provide the keys to us at the time of each scheduled sitting engagement, you may mail the keys to our office OR you sitter will pick up the keys from your residence and drop them off at your residence, each for $8.00 one way. The majority of our clients opt to keep their keys in the HappyTails Pet Sitting Office lock box. That way, next time you schedule, you will be ready to go!.