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With our busy schedules, long work hours, well deserved vacations, weekend get-a-ways and holidays, sometimes we have no choice but to leave our "fur kids" at home alone.

Because your pet thrives on routine and familiarity, our pet care services are tailored to match their specific needs.  

To our pets, home is their sanctuary.  It can be very stressful for them when you have to leave town or go to work all day and most animals do not do well in new environments.  With HappyTails, your pet will avoid this unnecessary trauma and exposure to unfamiliar animals and illness by staying in their own comfortable, clean, safe home.

Whether you need someone to feed, walk, and socialize your new puppy, let your dogs out at lunch time while you're at work, or come by a few times a day or night to care for your pets while you're out of town, HappyTails will be there. 

Our two main service options include Vacation Care and Recurring Mid-Day Services.  Please click on the underlined links below for additional information.

Vacation Care
In-home pet visits & complete house checking

Mid-Day Services
Recurring potty breaks &

dog walks

If you're ready to get started, our first step is to schedule an initial in-home consultation! At this visit we will discuss your pet care needs, complete necessary paperwork, and go over your home care instructions. Best of all...it's FREE!

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